Bruhin Software is a freelancing company founded by Florian Bruhin and located near Rapperswil, Switzerland.

I’m deeply involved in various open-source software projects. However, I’m pragmatic about it: I always believe in using the right tool for the job and the given circumstances.

Skills and services

Software development

I’m an experienced software developer. My main focus is on consulting and trainings for the following technologies:

  • Python (since 2011)
  • Graphical user interfaces with PyQt and PySide / Qt for Python (since 2013)
  • Testing with pytest (since 2015)

I’m no stranger to low-level programming either: As part of my apprenticeship as an electronics engineer, I’ve done embedded firmware development in C (since 2011), and Assembler (x86, MSP430). Part-time, I’m working as a research assistant for the Operating Systems course at a Swiss University of Applied Sciences (HSR Rapperswil).

Finally, I’ve also collected some experience with a variety of other technologies such as Bash, C++, C#, Haskell, Java, JavaScript as well as HTML/CSS and LaTeX.


I’ve given trainings about various topics around Python and pytest at conferences and in companies – both as a trainer for Python Academy as well as independently.


Due to my expertise with Python, PyQt/PySide and pytest I’ve seen and experienced a lot of different use-cases and issues around those technologies. I’d be happy to help you getting started, helping you out if you’re stuck or help you follow best practices!


I also founded and contributed to a variety of other projects - see my GitHub page for details.

Talks and trainings

I’ve given various talks at conferences before 2016 as well as in-house trainings about pytest/Python/PyQt/PySide in companies. My more recent public talks are listed here:

Introduction to pytest - simple, rapid and fun testing with Python

Testing PySide/PyQt code easily using the pytest framework


Mail / Chat


Bruhin Software
Florian Bruhin
Bergacherweg 2
8630 RĂ¼ti ZH

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Payment details

  • UID: CHE-487.662.607
  • CHF/non-EUR: IBAN CH80 0900 0000 8711 8587 3 / PostFinance account 87-118587-3
  • EUR: IBAN CH13 0900 0000 9160 4094 6 / PostFinance account 91-604094-6
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